New Class Reveals The 5 Step Old School Direct Mail System That Has Agency Clients Approaching You!
Who This Class Is For
If you would like to deploy a simple 5 step direct mail process that makes prospects approach your agency, this is for you.

If you are sick and tried of wondering where the next lead is coming from and you want to take control of your lead generation, this is for you.

If you are struggling with feast or famine in your agency and you want a system for creating a dependable flow of new clients, this is for you.
Why This Class Is Different
This class is going to be radically different from any agency training you have ever taken. It's designed to turn the tables on your prospects and have them approach you. This elevates you to the trusted adviser, which means prospects are more receptive to your suggestions.  

Exactly What You Are Going To Get
How to get clients approaching you for advice even if you’re brand new to the market.
The simple 5 step positioning system that will turn you into the local marketing expert in any niche in 35 days.
A unique way to reach clients that cuts through the online noise and allows you to reach the decision makers in your niche.
Where to find mailing lists of your perfect client and how to communicate with them so they approach you for marketing help.
How to get your message past the gatekeepers and reach the people who have the ability to hire you.
3 tricks to getting prospects to keep your direct mail and postcards until they are ready to hire you.
How to shortcut the long prospecting curve and reach the 3% of businesses who are looking to hire your agency now.
Why you have to get personal and go old school with direct mail to be seen as a real expert.
How to find red hot lists of prospects for free while your competition is paying thousands to access the same database as you.
How to double the response rate using a follow up schedule that works 95% of the time. 
How to show your leads you are the expert in your niche and presell them on your ability to help them.
How to build a list of cold prospects and turn them into clients with direct mail.
7 ways to communicate your value to prospects so they recommend you to others even if they have never hired you.
Where to find the secret direct mail list building tool that will allow you to build a list of only your perfect leads fast and for free.
3 things you should never put in your printed materials when you are trying to convert cold traffic into leads.
Where to find lists of new US businesses, small businesses and marketing professionals for free.
How to leverage user created data to build your direct mail list with outsourcers.
The secret database that will allow you to find lists of associations where you can cherry pick the best members for your list.
Say goodbye to bad addresses using a simple system for weeding out bad addresses fast.
What is the best mailing frequency to use to stay top of mind with your prospects until they become a client.
The one word that will double your postcard response rate.
When it's OK to use a bought mailing list when setting up your direct mail campaign.
How to use the Google No Show Technique to make your prospects take action now.
My secret weapon to kick prospects off the fence and make them take action using the Doom and Gloom Letter.
Why you need to create and leverage your dream 100 list to win clients who are out of your league.
And a whole lot more.

Fast Action Bonus
To save you time I'm going to give you the letters and postcard systems so you can get results fast. These templates allow you to add your info and start mailing today. These are the same fill-in-the-blank templates my clients use to dominate their niches. 
The Boldest Guarantee You Will See Today
I'm 100% confident that the “5 Step Old School Direct Mail System That Has Agency Clients Approaching You” training class will help you get more clients that I'm giving you a double guarantee.
Guarantee #1 If for any reason you think this video isn’t the best $37 $7 you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you.

Guarantee #2 If you actually DO what I recommend in the system and your results aren’t great, I’ll actually review your direct mail campaigns myself. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
YES Charles! I'm Ready To Use The 5 Step Old School Direct Mail System And Have Clients Approaching Me.
This is Truly A Limited Time Offer So Claim Your Copy Now
Today you can get the 5 step direct mail system that has clients approaching you and the bonuses...everything for only $37 $7! 
Yes! I Want Clients Approaching Me
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