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Here’s Your Invite To Unlock The Hidden Funnel With The Most Dangerous Product We’ve Ever Created – Straight From The Mind Of Charles Kirkland
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Who The Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula Class Is For:
If you would like to create emails, sales copy, social media posts, Facebook ads, or PPC ads that convert like crazy, regardless of the niche, this is the most important masterclass you’ll ever watch.

People who want to get the maximum ROI from every communication you have with your tribe.

People who know their service can help clients achieve the desired end result.

People who have been struggling because the competition is cutthroat.
How The Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula Class Is Different
This is going to be radically different from any training you have ever taken because you're going to learn advanced strategies that will allow you to make every communication more value.  

You’ll discover why some marketers can turn 10X the revenue from the same lead while you struggle to even get your emails opened. 

This is my in-house playbook that allows me to create ad campaigns that convert cold traffic into leads, sales and profits in a variety of niches. 

I've used the Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula system to promote information products, coaching, local agency work, affiliate marketing and eCommerce to just name a few. 
Exactly What You Are Going To Get
Discover how smart charities have doubled their contributions even in this stagnant, slow economy and how you can apply this to your business.

Discover why being nice often backfires in marketing and makes you look desperate, and how some marketers have been exploiting this while your offers struggle.

Learn how 2 simple actions will make you stand out against all your competition and give you an unfair advantage over them even if they are bigger and better funded.

7 ways to build rapport and affinity with cold audiences to make them feel like they have known you for ages. Remember, we buy from people we know, like and trust.

Unlock the secret strategy that Donald Trump used to beat Hillary Clinton even though she was better funded and how you can apply this guerilla warfare strategy to your business.

Say goodbye to low email open and click rates when you use this one simple strategy to position yourself as the market authority and eliminate your competition at the same time.

Why you need to drop the guru mindset and start using the SAR method for getting your prospects to like and trust you faster because this will allow them to buy sooner and turn into repeat customers even if you charge more.

The truth about 1 slide I use in every sales webinar that increases my conversions and why I almost didn’t use it. Get ready for a boost when you add this to your marketing.

How to use the Trump Method to make your audiences fall in love with you and why if you use it wrong it will repel your best buyers. Use this with care.

7 Factors you must apply to your sales funnel before your competition does or else you stand to lose market share to the first person who uses it.

The secrets I learned from a 50-year-old dating coach about how to make people feel better about themselves and accepted at the same time. Doing this will earn your prospects’ respect so fast it will shock you. 

This will run counter to anything you have ever been told, but when you use this one trick it will generate a loyal following because you'll be seen as the fearless leader.

How 1 simple sentence can change the success of any communication and leaving it out is the fastest way to kill any chance you have of creating a buyer.

A simple way to stand out in a sea of “me too” marketing and why being timid and shy will send you to the poor house.

Why you need to have a secret language that only you and your prospects know about. This is what every great movement has that bonds them together like superglue.

A strange way to create instant credibility with your audience that will have them following you from day one. This is often overlooked in most online marketing campaigns and it's hurting your sales.

Why mysterious men and women are attractive and how to use this in every email, ad, sales letter, VSL and video you ever do.

The deep, dark secret identity we all have and what happens when you tap into this secret identity that most prospects keep hidden from even their closest friends.

How to create a common cause that will have even the toughest of buyers wanting to buy from you even when it goes against reason. Some of the most influential leaders of the 20th century used this like Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, and Ronald Reagan.

Discover the secrets of why ordinary men have been willing to die for a cause greater than themselves. Military and security services around the world use this to empower ordinary men to do great things.

How dictators in the 20th century have been able to get armies of normal everyday people to commit heinous crimes against humanity and how it applies to your marketing.

Unlock the hidden messages Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, and every other luxury car manufacturer have been using to get the general public to pay a premium for the right to drive their cars. When you apply this to your coaching business you’ll freak out because you can make more sales in 6 weeks than you probably did in the last 12 months.

How appearance is the reality for most people and how you can tap into this to get more sales in less time.

Why you shouldn't waste your time trying to change somebody's mind. It's like arguing with a rock. No matter how hard you try, you’ll get nowhere.

The simple way to bypass your prospect’s defenses and why anchoring your offer with something they like is the shortcut to getting people to like you.

How TV infomercials get you to suspend your disbelief long enough to buy and how you can use this same technique to rack in a pile of buyers when you know these secrets.

How PX90 became a powerhouse brand because of a short infomercial while other more established products failed to sell no matter what they tried and why you have to use the same technique when you’re going against bigger competitors.

How to eliminate buyer resistance if you're selling any kind of software and how 2 simple changes can 3X your sales almost overnight.

The truth about data and statistics and how they should be used in your marketing in order to leave your competition eating your dust.

3 ways to create instant proof for even the most boring of products and how big corporations have convinced you for years to buy their inferior products. 

Why you are 100% conditioned to respond to numbers and how using the right combinations creates an irrefutable proof for your products.

3 ways to use proof just like Las Vegas casinos do to stack the odds in your favor creating more sales in less time.

How 1 simple change boosts our live and evergreen webinar sales and why you should not run another webinar until you use this trick.

Unlock the secrets of getting instant authority in your market and have even the biggest of players wanting to do business with you. This is something I have been using since December 2011, and it’s currently rocking it.

What a world-famous copywriter who is retired taught me about turning even the nicest of competition into your worst enemy and how both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump did this to change the political landscape.  

Why the more you align yourself with your prospects and fight for them, the more they love you...which leads to more sales.

How to use multiple price points to make your prospects think they made the best purchase even though you are the one guiding them to spend more.

When it’s ok to tap into the small percentage of the population who only buys based on greed and what makes them some of the most valuable buyers you'll ever have.

Tap into your prospect’s desire for new or improved. This is what allows you to sell to cold audiences with more ease and why selling improvement offers flop most of the time. This simple concept has allowed TV infomercials to become a billion dollar industry.

Unless you sell a product that hits the desire and status buttons at the same time, your sales will be lackluster no matter how hard you try. In fact, missing these 2 factors will kill any offer regardless of the price.

Learn how to market to lower income people and why the same marketing is a turnoff to higher income people. If you're selling luxury goods or high end coaching this could be hurting your sales right now.

Why luxury buyers want to brag about how much money they paid and why your lower price offers are a turnoff to high end buyers.

The one hangup everybody has and how to tap into it to create sales like you have never seen before. Just be careful because it's a fine line between motivating prospects to buy and manipulation.

The secret confidence booster that gives you an unfair advantage and how to snatch the rug right out from under your prospects and make them feel insecure and open to your marketing suggestions.

The best way to market to chiropractors and dentists that your competition ignores that gives you a massive advantage in turning them into high-end buyers.

Why most marketers overlook the biggest motivator in sales. This is why we really do almost anything and yet so few offers are based around this.

Learn how to use time investments to land high paying clients and why so few marketers even understand this advanced concept.

How to leverage the male ego to get them to buy luxury items they don’t need or have a use for. This one is perfect for promoting to wealthy individuals.

Why successful people make decisions differently than the rest of the population and what you need to know to make sure they have the best chance of becoming your client.

Unlock the hidden sales triggers of series and collections to turn a one-off sale into a continuity income overnight. These are the type of buyers that stay on your continuity program for years.

Why you need to leverage scarcity and countdowns in everything you do to create massive spikes in sales. This will get people off the fence and buying like never before.

How to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with the right messages just like the billion dollar direct mail experts do.

Stop selling vitamins and start promoting pain killers if you really want to convert clicks into sales. This one idea alone can change your business forever.

Never let a good conspiracy go to waste. You’ll learn how to spin almost anything into a conspiracy theory and create a loyal following who will be begging to buy your next product.

What I learned about pricing products from a high-end chophouse and how you can double your price with no drop off in sales.

How to use the copy machine experience to get more sales in less time. This is so simple I don’t know why more marketers don’t know about it.

How to get your prospects to ignore every other offer and look at yours as the only system that will work for them. This one tweak could send your business to zero if you do it wrong or position you to be the #1 player when you get it right.

The simple system that will allow your prospects to say yes to buying your offer quicker. Sometimes the simplest things work best.

Why you have to get your prospect to put away the guilt they have been holding onto about why things won't work for them and how this gives them the freedom to buy from you.

Why our best webinar converts at 2X what our competitors’ webinars do and the secrets to having a 4-hour webinar that people stay on until the end. This is counter-intuitive to what the gurus talk about.

Fast Action Bonus
I want to give you the full audio version so you can listen to this advanced training on the go.  

You’ll also get the training slides and PDFs so you can save time by reviewing the slides when you want and have them as a handy reference.
The Boldest Guarantee You Will See Today
I'm 100% confident that the “Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula” training class will help you get more profits from every communication. 
Guarantee #1 - If for any reason you think this video training isn’t the best investment you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you.

Guarantee #2 - If you actually DO what I recommend in the system and your results aren’t great, I’ll actually review how you used everything myself. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
This is Truly A Limited Time Offer So Claim Your Copy Now.

Today you can get Advanced Stealth Persuasion Formula and the bonuses...everything for only $137! 
YES! I Want To Make More Sales From Every Click
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